A Veterans Affairs (VA) Loan is a great alternative for those with military eligibility. VA Loans can offer up to 100% financing options for loan amounts up to $417,000. Active duty military, veterans, reservists and members of the National Guard, and some surviving spouses of veterans may be eligible for a VA Loan.

The benefits of VA loans include:

  • Up to 100% financing may be available for loan amounts up to $417,000
  • Usually lower interest rates than on conventional loans
  • Usually less stringent underwriting standards and requirements than conventional loans
  • No penalty fee if you pay the loan off early
  • No private mortgage insurance requirements
  • Less than perfect credit can apply
  • VA may be able to provide some assistance if mortgage payment problems arise

In order to apply for a VA-sponsored loan, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Your COE verifies to lenders that you meet the requirements necessary to obtain a VA-sponsored loan. Applying for a COE is straightforward and can be done online, through the mail or through a lender.

Please contact me to learn about various loan options and find out whether you qualify for a VA loan.