Financial Advisor

Ashwin Dhanesha

Financial Advisor

Credentials: CFP®, CFA, CPA, EA

Specialties: Retirement, Investment, Taxes

Experience: 20+ Yrs.

Licenses: CPA, EA, FINRA, Insurance

Memberships: AICPA, NAEA, NAPFA, CFAI   Phone: 404-419-6161 Ext # 2
Email: Advisor@AxisFinancial.US

I offer the characteristics every client desires and deserves in their financial advisor – qualifications, independence, passion, efficiency and availability.


I offer extensive knowledge and expertise in financial planning, investment management, and personal taxes with industry-leading credentials considered gold standards in these fields. I am proud of my ability to combine my technical knowledge and industry expertise with a thorough understanding of your own needs, goals, and concerns to deliver on my promise of true partnership.


I am an independent financial advisor. My independence allows me access to the widest possible array of compelling investment opportunities across various asset classes, as well as access to highly specialized investment managers. This extensive access is essential to designing objective investment strategies that best meet your needs.


I have a passion for helping my clients gain financial security. I believe that through education, I can provide you with financial confidence and a new wealth perspective. My goal is to help you untangle the complexities of your financial life and map out a plan for success. I take great pride in helping you achieve your financial goals in the most timely, efficient and careful manner.


I practice tax-efficient investing because I believe what you keep is more important than what you earn. I keep a watchful eye on investment costs, trading expenses and advisor fees with a goal to lower your overall cost of investing. I regularly monitor your investment portfolio and ensure it still reflects your current situation.


I believe everyone should have easy access to an affordable personal finance expert at a time of their convenience. I avail my services to my clients during the weekend should they need them. You can instantly reach me on my cell phone outside of normal business hours should you have an urgent need to speak with me.

Please call me for a free phone consultation for your personal financial service needs. I am easily reachable during normal business hours, as well as on weekends.