Business Broker

Samir Patel

Business Broker

Credentials: BBA, CBB

Specialties: Business Brokerage (Retail. Hospitality, Small Businesses)

Experience: 5+ Yrs.

Licenses: Real Estate

Memberships: GABB   Phone: 404-419-6161 Ext # 6
Email: Broker@AxisFinancial.US

We provide comprehensive transaction services for buyers to help them successfully acquire businesses in the most timely and efficient manner. Our transaction services for buyers include:

Origination Negotiations Execution
  • Determine Acquisition Criteria
  • Formulate Acquisition Strategies
  • Search and Screen Prospective Targets
  • Finalize Target List and Prepare Letters of Interest
  • Perform Preliminary Valuation
  • Lead Discussions with Selected Target
  • Lead Primary Negotiations
  • Structure Preliminary Transaction and Proposal
  • Facilitate Due Diligence
  • Refine Pricing and Deal Structure
  • Assist in Final Negotiations
  • Execute Contracts and Close
  • Assist with Deal Financing

Some of the resources, tools and techniques we use to source the maximum number of acquisition targets include:

  • Network of business brokers
  • Database of unlisted businesses for sale
  • List of active financial investors and strategic buyers in seller’s industry
  • Network of value-added professionals (Attorneys, CPAs, Bankers, etc.)
  • Memberships in various industry-specific organizations
  • Memberships in professional associations (GABB, AM&AA, ABBA, etc.)
  • Buyer profile listing in database of qualified Buyers
  • Initiate inquiry with suitable silent sellers
  • Online listings

In addition to finding suitable targets meeting buyer’s acquisition criteria, we also bring our savvy negotiating skills, proven deal-making expertise, and a vast network of business acquisition lenders to help buyers achieve their business acquisition goals in the most timely and efficient manner.

If you are considering buying a business, please contact me for a free initial consultation. I’d be happy to discuss the process of buying a business and outline my qualifications to be your business broker.