Andrew Stottlemyer


Credentials: MBA, ASBC

Specialties: Financial Management, Small Business Strategy

Experience: 7+ Yrs.

Licenses: None

Memberships: AASBC   Phone: 404-419-6161 Ext # 0
Email: Consultant@AxisFinancial.US

I offer my clients a rare combination of professional background, relevant experiences, and subject matter expertise in a passionate, affordable, and flexible manner.

Professional background
After graduating from Loyola University in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an MBA degree in finance, I worked on various management positions in corporate finance for 20 years and then started and managed three successful small businesses afterwards. This unique professional background allows me the ability to identify and implement smart financial management practices and proven business strategies specific to small businesses and their growth.

Relevant experience
Over the last 7 years serving as their outsourced CFO and strategy consultant, I have helped many small businesses successfully achieve their business growth and financial objectives. This experience enables me to accurately identify the bottlenecks hindering the growth – even foresee many of the business challenges before they arise – and draw on past experiences for proven solutions.

Focused expertise
I decided to specialize in serving only small businesses in specific industries because as an ex-small business owner myself I understand the unique nature of small businesses, the challenges that they face, and the guidance they need to overcome these challenges. This size and industry focus allows me to deepen my expertise in identifying, averting, and solving business challenges, and harnessing the full potentials of business opportunities.

Affordable and flexible price structure
I understand that, despite the benefits, hiring an outside consultant can be cost prohibitive for most small businesses. Therefore, unlike most other business consultants, I offer an affordable and flexible fee structure (hourly, fixed, hybrid, project-based, contingent, equity-based, etc.) and an a la carte service menu along with multiple service delivery options (onsite, remote, over-the-phone, virtual, etc.) to fit your budget and schedule.

Passion and pride
I am passionate about helping small businesses realize their full potentials. My passion stems from my great respect for small business owners for their drive, determination, and hard work. As an owner of a small practice, I strive to emulate their work ethics, dedication, and pride in what I do.

Please contact me to schedule a free initial consultation and discover how together we can take your small business to the next level.