Paul Kothari


Credentials: MBA, CM&AA

Specialties: Small Business and Entrepreneurial Investment

Experience: 5+ Yrs.

Licenses: None

Memberships: AM&AA   Phone: 404-419-6161 Ext # 9
Email: Investor@AxisFinancial.US

We take minority interest via subordinate debt, preferred equity, common equity, or any combination of them, using various payment structures including all cash, earn-outs, funding of expenses or major asset purchases, and assumption, sharing and/or guarantee of existing debt.

Category Details
Capital and Support
  • Sole Investment Between $50K to $5M
  • Strategic Co-Investment, If Capital Requirement > $5M
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Board Service
  • Management Support, If Needed
Transaction Characteristics
  • Subordinated Debt (Non-amortizing, interest only payments)
  • Subordinated Debt (With a warrant)
  • Common or Preferred Equity (Typically in combination with a subordinated debt investment)
  • Straight-Up Equity (Typically we are a minority equity investor with investment horizon around 5 years)
  • Equity in Exchange for Debt Assumption or Guarantee
Payment Structure
  • All Cash at Closing
  • Earn-out Payments (contingent on the future performance of the business)
  • Assumption, Sharing and/or Guarantee of Existing Debt
  • Periodic Funding of Operating Expenses
  • Major Asset Purchases
Our Process
  • Step 1: Initial Review (Includes analyses of company’s financial information and operating plan)
  • Step 2: Meeting with the Owners (To learn more about the business and the opportunity)
  • Step 3: Preliminary Proposal (Term Sheet / LOI – for review and discussion, which outlines the basic framework and economics of the transaction)
  • Step 4: Site Visit (which is followed by the preparation and execution a definitive Term Sheet)
  • Step 5: Due Diligence and Closing
Contact Us With
  • Business Description with its Competitive Advantages (or moat against the competition)
  • Achievable and Reasonable Plans for Growth
  • Financial Statements (for the last 3 years)
  • Annual Operating Plans (for the next 3 years)
  • Management Bios