Paul Kothari


Credentials: MBA, CM&AA

Specialties: Small Business and Entrepreneurial Investment

Experience: 5+ Yrs.

Licenses: None

Memberships: AM&AA   Phone: 404-419-6161 Ext # 9
Email: Investor@AxisFinancial.US

Besides our patient and flexible capital coupled with strategic, financial and operational support, what sets us apart is our investment philosophy of supporting existing owners/management in their vision and strategy and our belief in win-win for all involved in a deal.

We are a patient long-term investor who believes that an investment is a relationship, not a transaction. We invest not to control, but to offer support and help as a true business partner. Our goal is to combine the insights, experience, and operational expertise of management with our wealth of resources and local as well as international strategic relationships. We support current owners/management in their vision, strategy and execution.

In addition to a significant portion of our own capital, we have access to other private investors and their patient long-term capital. Also, we are an SBA-approved Small Business Investment Company (SBIC), which means we are entitled to access unusually flexible, long-term, low-cost capital, subject to investing in qualified small businesses. Our capital is flexible in that we typically provide both subordinated debt and equity in our transactions and have the flexibility to create the most effective and efficient capital structure.

In addition to the capital, we provide you with strategic, financial and operating support to address your unique requirements and opportunities. We work with you to selectively augment and strengthen the management team and provide access to industry-leading board members and advisors. Our business backgrounds enable us to be supportive in building corporate strategies as well as sales and marketing tactics, developing and executing financial strategies and offering unique operating expertise and perspective.

Win-win for all
We understand that each stakeholder involved in a deal ( business owners, capital providers, portfolio companies, co-investors, advisors and value-added intermediaries) contributes in their respective capacity to maximizing the value of an overall investment. Therefore, we believe that a transaction is a good transaction only if it results in a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.